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Lisa Malchow Studios


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A little About Me

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from VCU, I first made my way to Los Angeles to work in Advertising.  After many successful years there, I completely switched gears and became a Private Flight Attendant and got to see and experience the world.  My husband and I have just returned to the U.S. after living on the beautiful island of Grenada where I taught art at the Grenada Montessori School, and discovered my love for teaching!  I feel I have now gone full circle and am fully embracing my creativity.  


Custom Hand- Painted Pet Pillows

These Beautiful pillows are a hand-painted likeness of your pet, and personalized with your pet’s name! I work from photos you email me. They are painted on canvas fabric, using black fabric paint, which does not smudge and can be hand-washed. They are sewn into a slipcover to re-cover an older pillow, or for a pillow inset you can purchase at any fabric or craft store. Standard size is 17 X 17, but can be made to any size as they are custom sewn.


Pet Portraits with a twist!

Our pets are very personable and quite special to us. Have your pet painted as a famous portrait. I work from photos you email me. You can select a favorite artist for me to work from, or I will look through hundreds of famous portraits, and then one will stand out to be the perfect setting for your pet. You can also have your pet painted the traditional way!

The process: You email me a photo of your pet. We find a famous portrait you like. My challenge is to paint your pet in this new setting, matching color and brushstrokes until I have your pet captured!

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